ELaTe Seminars

The overarching theme of the ELaTe PhD seminar series is technological and institutional convergence as a defining feature of the European regulation of biotechnologies.
As the convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive sciences (NBIC) rises a tide of biomedical innovation, there is a pressing need to understand its social implications, and how the law affects them. Converging technologies, in the first place, blur the boundaries between the artificial and the living, raising unparalleled normative challenges for individual rights and societal interests. At the same time, the novel forms of cooperation and communication enabled by technological convergence call into question the disconnection between public and private health rooted in mainstream theories of autonomy, privacy and consent. Indeed, European law itself can be seen as the outcome of the convergence of several legal orders and several public and private, national and supra-national institutions, with different and only partially overlapping rationale and agenda.
The ELATe seminars will give participants the opportunity to analyze advanced research in the field of health law, ethics, and life sciences presented by speakers from different backgrounds,
including Lawyers, Philosophers, Economists, Bioengineers, Biologists, and Data scientists.

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